Professional sleep analysis

Your personal sleep laboratory in your own home

Introductory conversationPolygraphy system for measuring sleepSleep measurement (one night)Diagnosis discussion including detailed recommendations
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1. Sleep questionnaire & introductory interview

First, fill out our sleep analysis questionnaire. We will then hold a short introductory discussion to explain the process and the device for measuring sleep to you.

2. Shipping of the mobile sleep system

We will send you the innovative polygraphy system directly to your home. This intuitive device allows you to accurately measure your sleep data in a familiar environment.

3. Use while sleeping

Before you go to bed, put the device on and let it record your sleep data overnight. After the measurement, send the device back to us using the prepaid envelope.

4. Analysis and advice

In a digital consultation session, we analyze your sleep data together. Based on these findings, we develop individual recommendations to improve your sleep.

Sleep expert

Bianca Mouse

"We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and good sleep is fundamental to our quality of life.

However, quality sleep is not a given for everyone.

With our sleep analysis, we bring the sleep laboratory directly into your home and make sleep diagnostics more convenient than ever."

Sleep measurement

Precise measurement in your own bed

A small, easy-to-use device analyzes your sleep in one night in your own bed. This method enables accurate and undisturbed data collection.

Sleep analysis

Analysis of your sleep

Our assessment starts with understanding your nighttime breathing and identifying pauses in breathing to identify possible signs of deeper sleep problems such as sleep apnea. We then focus on how you fall asleep and the quality of your sleep to determine frequent nighttime awakenings or longer periods of wakefulness.

Our goal in this comprehensive analysis is to help you achieve a healthier, more restful sleep.

Sleep diagnostics

Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders significantly affect the quality of life and manifest themselves in a variety of ways.

A common sleep disorder is insomnia, which causes problems falling asleep and staying asleep. Sleep apnea is another common condition. This leads to irregular breathing and pauses in breathing at night.

Both disorders can have far-reaching consequences, from general daytime sleepiness to serious health problems such as heart attacks and strokes.

It is therefore of great importance to detect and treat sleep disorders at an early stage in order to improve quality of life and minimize health risks.

Typical questions about sleep measurement

The analysis includes monitoring sleep patterns, snoring, pauses in breathing, oxygen saturation (important to prevent cardiovascular diseases), sleeping position, pulse and heart rate. This data helps us build a comprehensive picture of your sleep patterns.

Our sleep analysis is specifically designed to identify symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea. We monitor breathing patterns, snoring frequency and intensity, as well as possible pauses in breathing and oxygen levels in the blood during sleep. This detailed data allows us to identify signs of sleep apnea and assess the severity of snoring to make appropriate treatment recommendations.

Our main treatment method for snoring and mild to moderate cases of pauses in breathing is innovative splint therapy. Unlike traditional CPAP masks, which are often perceived as uncomfortable, our custom-made splints offer an effective and significantly more comfortable solution. They gently position the lower jaw forward, keeping the airways open and thus effectively reducing snoring and pauses in breathing. Our splint therapy is an advanced and patient-friendly treatment alternative that combines high effectiveness with maximum comfort.

You will be given a questionnaire and a small measuring device to wear one night while you sleep. The data is then securely transferred to our team and analyzed.

Yes, the meter is designed to have as little impact on your sleep as possible while collecting accurate data. A small, easy to
Operating device analyzes your sleep within one night in your own bed. This method enables accurate and undisturbed data collection.

After the device is returned, it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks until the analysis is completed and the results are available.

Based on your data, we analyze your results in detail. Based on this, we develop a tailor-made plan to optimize your sleep and decide together whether and which therapeutic measures make sense.

Our sleep analysis provides a medical diagnosis and is, in most cases, an effective alternative to visiting a professional sleep laboratory. Thanks to advanced technology and precise data collection, we can provide comprehensive insights into your sleep patterns that are comparable to those of a sleep laboratory.

Yes, we attach great importance to data protection and security. Your data will be treated confidentially and transmitted securely.

Devices like the Oura Ring or Apple Watch are great sleep hygiene monitoring tools and can help you optimize your sleep. They provide useful estimates of sleep duration, sleep stages, and nighttime rest. However, it is important to understand that the data from these devices is largely based on estimates and is not sufficient for a medical diagnosis. Our sleep analysis, on the other hand, provides a detailed and medically based diagnosis of your sleep patterns and is specifically designed to provide clinically relevant data that goes beyond what general fitness and sleep tracking devices can provide.

No, as a rule the costs for a sleep analysis cannot be submitted to the health insurance company.