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AGE & DNA-Test
Epigenetik & DNA-Test


Epigenetische Analyse Ihres biologischen Alters sowie individueller DNA-Test mit 100+ Gesundheitseinblicken.


Hochreines NMN (>99%). Direkter Vorläufer von NAD+. In unabhängigen deutschen Laboren getestet.
Mann wacht erholt auf durch optimalen Schlaf auf


Professionelle Schlafmessung inkl. medizinischer Diagnose und Beratung durch Schlafmedizinerin Bianca Maus.

Scientific expertise

Your age is a number that we can influence with science.

Chief Scientific Office | Chief Physician | neurologist

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Can you control aging?

You are in control of your age


Only 10% of age is genetic.

90% can be influenced positively.

Longevity = a long, healthy life

What is Longevity?

Gesundheitsspanne vs. Lebenszeit | Quelle: Dr. Peter Attia

Maximize healthy lifespan

Our goal is to strengthen your health, reduce the risk of disease and minimize the effects of aging. Using genetic and epigenetic analyzes we can examine your health down to the molecular level and help you actively manage your health.

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LIFETIME ambassador

Andreas Mies bei der ATP Tour
Andreas MiesDouble winner French Open 2019-20

As a tennis professional, my physical health and fitness are crucial to my success on the court. LIFETIME helps me take my health to a new level. I look forward to working with you and will report on my experience.

Simone Batista Scherpenhuijzen Ironwoman und Olympiaärztin
Simone Batista ScherpenhuijzenIronwoman, neurologist & Olympic doctor

NMN exceeded my expectations. I wake up earlier and feel more energetic. My endurance has also increased significantly. I recommend LIFETIME and hope that together we can achieve long-term success.

lifetime longevity logo gradueller Farbverlauf
Kim BauermanSocial media expert

Absolute recommendation!
I have been using LIFETIME NMN for a few weeks and can really recommend the product.
I generally feel much fitter, more focused and have more energy!