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Biological age test (DNA methylation)Cognitive age, hearing age, eye age and inflammation levelsSimple saliva sample

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LIFETIME AGE follow-up test

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AGE | Find out your real age

By analyzing your DNA methylation, we determine your cell age. Your biological age may differ from your chronological age.

Your biological age is a valuable indicator of your overall health and vitality. You can actively influence this age.

In addition to your biological age, you will also receive a differentiated evaluation of your cognitive age, hearing age, eye age and inflammation levels.

AGE | Results

Epigenetic analysis examines how external influences change your gene activity and shape your biological age.

Biological age

Cognitive age

eye age

Hearing age

Inflammation levels

Biological age

Biological age shows your actual age and may differ from your chronological age. Find out your true age and how you can influence aging processes.

Cognitive age

Cognitive age, often referred to as memory age, is a measure of brain performance and plays a critical role in our mental health and resistance to age-related diseases.

eye age

Eye age provides information about the condition and health of your eyes and can provide clues to age-related changes such as macular degeneration or glaucoma.

Hearing age

Hearing age reflects the health and function of your ears and can reveal early signs of age-related hearing loss or other hearing problems.

Inflammation levels

Epigenetic inflammation level indicates the level of inflammatory activity in the body, which is an important indicator of age-related diseases and the general immune system.

Epigenetic analysis examines how external influences change your gene activity and shape your biological age.

Questions about the LIFETIME AGE & DNA test

The LIFETIME AGE & DNA test is a state-of-the-art test that aims to determine your biological age based on epigenetic markers. The test provides over 100 insights into your genetic makeup, including aspects such as caffeine sensitivity and risks for certain health conditions. Our test also provides personalized recommendations to improve your health and quality of life.

What sets our LIFETIME AGE & DNA test apart from other biological age tests is its use of DNA methylation analysis, an advanced approach that allows for a more precise determination of your biological age. While many traditional tests are limited to measuring telomere length, which provides less precise insights, our test focuses on analyzing over 30,000 CpG sites. This comprehensive approach, which goes well beyond the often only up to 1,000 sites analyzed in other tests, allows us to create a detailed picture of your epigenetic marks. This allows us to make a more comprehensive and accurate assessment of your biological age and offer you personalized recommendations tailored to your genetic makeup.

We prefer saliva samples because they provide a non-invasive, simple and safe method for DNA collection. At the same time, saliva samples are a reliable source of genetic material and more and more scientific studies are increasingly using saliva.

Correct sampling is crucial for accurate test results. Please carefully follow the enclosed saliva collection instructions. Make sure you have not eaten, drank, smoked, or chewed for at least 30 minutes before collecting the sample to avoid contamination and ensure the quality of the DNA sample.

Once we receive your sample in our laboratory, we will begin analyzing it immediately. Your DNA is evaluated using advanced technologies and algorithms to provide you with precise and meaningful results. You can expect a detailed report within 5-7 weeks.

These are complex laboratory analyzes. You will receive your results after approximately 5-7 weeks.

You can find a comprehensive list of all insights on our AGE & DNA test page.

Yes, the test is specifically designed to give you tailored recommendations based on your genetic data. You can use these to optimally tailor nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle aspects to your health.

The DNA results of our test provide information about your genetic predispositions in various areas of health and well-being. It is important to understand that these results represent potential predispositions and do not necessarily mean that certain conditions or characteristics are present in you or will develop over the course of your life. Genetic factors often interact with environmental factors and lifestyle choices, meaning that the risk or propensity for certain health conditions can be influenced through conscious behavior changes and preventive measures. Our DNA analysis aims to provide you with personalized insights that can help you make informed decisions about your lifestyle and healthcare to optimize your well-being.

To track changes in your biological age and the influence of lifestyle adjustments, we recommend repeating the test every six months.

The LIFETIME AGE & DNA test is not a diagnostic tool for medical conditions. It offers insights into your genetic makeup and biological age that can help you take preventive measures.

The test is designed for adults and is not suitable for children due to genetic analysis and cohorts.